Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Gets Full Official Details

Learn a lot about the impressive open world game and its three protagonists

After learning the first few official details about Grand Theft Auto V yesterday, new info has now surfaced concerning the game’s story, its three protagonists, and how they’ll each provide different types of experiences to the player.

GTA V was revealed to the world one year ago and, since then, developer Rockstar Games has kept a tight lid on the open-world title.

Fortunately for the millions of GTA fans from all over the world, Game Informer magazine has revealed that its latest issue includes a massive cover story about Grand Theft Auto V and offered the very first official details yesterday.

Now, CVG has posted a wide array of new info that’s covered by the actual feature, detailing the story of the game and how players can jump between the three main protagonists.

According to the website, the three characters are Michael, a retired bank robber, Trevor, a career criminal with a drug addiction, and Franklin, a young repo man who takes away luxury cars from those who can’t afford to pay for them.

Check out the full list of details below.

"- GTA V 'evolves nearly every mechanic, features the biggest world in series history and introduces a new technology that radically changes the way players control the game.'

- The game's three main characters are called Michael, Trevor and Franklin

- Michael is retired, early 40s, a highly successful former bank robber. He retired in luxury after making a deal with the FIB. He's in the witness protection program, he hates his wife who spends his money and hates him too. He doesn't understand his two teenage kids Tracy and Jimmy, and is forced back into the game as his money is about to run out.

- Trevor is a career criminal, early 40s, drug user governed by his desires, prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages, a loose cannon, former military pilot, used to work a bank job with Michael back in the day, always up for a heist.

- Franklin, repo man, mid 20s, a young and ambitious hustler, works for an Armenian luxury car dealership that sells cars to those who can't afford them, and when they can't pay up he plays repo man. He stumbles into Michael while looking for a hustle.

- A quick menu can be called up to switch characters, the camera pulls away into a Google Earth-style vantage point and then drops into wherever the chosen character is.

- Trevor is described as having a "maniacal personality"

- Trevor is in Blaine County, a barren, rundown desert region filled with bikers, meth heads and other people from the fringes of society.

- Each character has his own personality motivation and skillset.

- The three characters go about their daily business when you're not in control, so you might find them in surprising situations when you take control of them again.

- Each character has a fleshed out story arc.

- Complicated, multitiered heist missions inspired by GTA IV's Three Leaf Clover are "peppered" into the game. Heists are a big theme."

According to the cover story, Rockstar is going to emphasize mission variety in GTA V by pairing characters with one another and, during certain big heists, team all of them up. Players can easily jump between the protagonists during a mission but they can also stick to just one of them.

While the characters might not have romances to pursue, they’ll each have a set of friends they’ll interact with during the game.

"- Lamar: Franklin's friend, a good sort of crazy. He's very funny.

- Jimmy: Michael's friend, lazy pot smoking 20 year old, they have a confused father-son relationship.

- Ron: Trevor's best friend, paranoiac conspiracy theorist living in a trailer.

- Amanda: Michael's wife, he's been awful to her, she's a strong personality, bound to him but they can't stand each other."

You can expect some of this action to be portrayed in next week’s new GTA V trailer that will be released by Rockstar on November 14.

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