Grand Theft Auto Series Sells More Than 125 Million Units

The franchise will get a new installment during 2013

Video game developer Rockstar and publisher Take Two reveal that the Grand Theft Auto series has managed to get a lifetime sales total of 125 million units, which is a significant increase over the 114 million copies total announced in September 2011.

During the more than one year between the two announcements no core games in the series were launched, which means that there are a lot of gamers who are still picking up the old games, especially when they are offered with significant price cuts.

A representative of the publisher has explained that Grand Theft Auto IV, which was originally launched on the PC and on home consoles in 2008, has managed to sell more 25 million units to gamers, when its two expansions are included.

It’s not clear whether the figure cited by Take Two includes the GTA games that were released on mobile devices or whether the publisher is only focusing on titles for the PC and home consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V has always been a pioneer when it comes to the creation of complex open worlds that draw players in with their amount of detail and their commitment to offering the illusion of complete freedom.

The same core elements will also be a part of the newly announced Grand Theft Auto V, which will see players take on three separate roles in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding area, which is supposed to mimic the real world culture of Southern California.

The new game is designed to focus on variety and on complex heists that involve all the main characters and Rockstar says that it will have the biggest open world seen in the series yet.

Players should also expect to get more side activities and better vehicle handling.

GTA V will be out in spring 2013 on home console.

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