Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets Lots of Brand New Details

Learn more about heists, the open world, or the special powers of the three heroes

After releasing a trailer and quite a lot of new screenshots, a bunch of fresh details about Grand Theft Auto 5 have appeared on the web through lots of previews ran by different websites, including new info about the game's huge open world, its heist mechanics, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto V is the next installment in Rockstar's hugely popular franchise and tens of millions of gamers are looking forward to the release of the new game.

Now, a bunch of fresh details have appeared online, via different previews organized by various websites and summarized by NeoGAF.

The most important new mechanic is that the heists, which are organized by the three main protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, can also support the addition of NPC accomplices, such as getaway drivers, safe crackers, and other such specialists.

If the robbery is a success, everyone will get a cut. Players can choose to get less experienced accomplices who don't want a lot of money or go the safer route and hire veterans who demand a bigger fee.

The game's open world is huge and, in terms of size, it's around three and a half times as big as the land of Red Dead Redemption. Factoring in the fully customized ocean floor, which is filled with fish and other hidden things, it's five times as big as the Western game.

In terms of mechanics, the third-person shooter elements are similar to Max Payne 3 but there have been quite a few additions, like an evasive roll or a combat jog. Each protagonist has different stats and abilities, so experienced robbers like Michael or Trevor can shoot better than the younger Franklin.

Their abilities don't stop here, as each hero has a special move they can perform once a meter is filled. Michael can slow down time à la Max Payne in shootouts, Franklin can also slow down things but only when driving in order to pull off high speed turns, while Trevor can go into a sort of Rage mode that doubles his damage and protects him from enemies.

Overall, GTA V is looking set to deliver a more over the top experience than the core Grand Theft Auto IV experience, so expect to hear more about it as we get closer to its September 17 release date.

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