Gran Turismo 6’s Vision GT Will Deliver a Unique Experience, Says Kazunori Yamauchi

Gamers will be able to access a number of cars that are not yet ready for the road

Kazunori Yamauchi, the leader of the development team at Polyphony Digital, says that the GT Vision mode included in the recently launched Gran Turismo 6 will deliver a unique experience for fans of the series that no other racing title can replicate.

The new mode will see the studio working with a number of well-known car manufacturers, including Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in order to create some concept cars that will only be offered via the game before they become reality.

Yamauchi states in an interview on the PS Blog that, “I think in terms of the beauty of the cars and the driving experience, the cars that are going to be released as part of the Vision GT concept, they pack amazing possibilities in terms of the enjoyment that people will experience.”

The GT Vision mode was created because the Polyphony Digital team is very passionate about cars and racing and wants to make sure that players are getting access to the best vehicles that the industry has thought up, even if they might never appear on real-world roads.

He adds, “The objectives of Gran Turismo are very simple actually. We want people to enjoy the beauty of cars, we want people to enjoy driving, and we want people to enjoy the beauty of the environments. Those are things that have remained the same throughout the series, and it’s the same for GT6.”

Gran Turismo 6 is only playable on the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

The development studio and the publisher have suggested that a seventh title in the series for the PlayStation 4 might be launched in the coming two-year period.

The core structure of the series remains unchanged, but the company has introduced a series of microtransactions that allow gamers to pay real-world money to get the rarest of cars.

It’s unclear whether it will be also activated for vehicles included in the GT Vision mode.

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