Grammys 2014: Taylor Swift Was Attacked During Performance – Video

Fabulous headbanging during live gig explained in new viral video

Taylor Swift performed at the 2014 Grammy Awards a beautiful and very passionate rendition of her song “All Too Well,” which also included the most fabulous instance of headbanging ever seen on stage at the prestigious awards gala.

The video above explains what caused it and, I’m sorry to say, now that I know the truth, I don’t find it that fabulous anymore. It turns out that Taylor was brutally attacked during the live gig.

To her credit though, she kept on singing like a pro.

On a more serious note, the video has gone viral, scoring over 2.5 million hits since it was posted online. It’s a fake, of course, and features a cameo from none other than Ryu from the Street Fighter video game, kicking Taylor in the face, which explains the headbanging.

It’s perhaps the funniest thing to come out of the Grammys this year, and that includes the video of Billy Ray Cyrus offering parental advice to Justin Bieber. You know, since he’s done such a wonderful job so far with handling some issues in his own kids’ lives.

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