Grammys 2014: Katy Perry Does Black Magic with “Black Horse” – Video

Singer puts on elaborate display, including a metal horse, witches, and fire

Katy Perry was one of the many performers to take to the stage last night at the 2014 Grammy Awards, held live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and airing on CBS, but she was determined not to be bested in terms of how elaborate the routine should be.

The pop star performed her latest single, “Dark Horse,” with collaborator Juicy J, and, while the song might be just another pop anthem, she gave it a new spin by recreating a very goth tableau on stage.

Check out her entire performance in the video below.

Accompanied by witches and acrobats, Katy herself played a witch in the elaborate display and even danced on a pole shaped like a broom, together with two other witches. Because this is Katy we’re talking about, she also included in the routine a bra that had more functionality than just that of support for her breasts: so, at one point, it lit up in the shape of a red cross.

The performance also included a giant horse and lots of fire and, of course, a rap verse from Juicy J, looking completely out of place in his black suit and giant shades.

Katy Perry was also nominated for two awards, but didn’t win anything. Still, she walked home knowing hers had been the most over-the-top performance of the night. Enjoy!

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