Grammys 2014: Ellen DeGeneres Confuses Pink’s Husband with Travis Barker

Pink catches the oversight on TV, finds the humor in it on social media

By on January 29th, 2014 14:33 GMT

Having been with the same guy for the most part of the last 12 years, you would expect everyone to know that Pink’s husband and the love of her life is not rocker Travis Barker but retired motorcross racer Carey Hart.

Well, someone on The Ellen DeGeneres show didn’t and wrongly identified Carey as Travis during their broadcast of the red carpet ceremony at the 2014 Grammy Awards, when he and Pink stopped for a brief chat on fashion and the awards gala.

Check out the photo above for the oversight. Pink too caught it on TV but, instead of getting upset about it as other celebrities would have probably done, she found the humor in the mishap, tweeting about it to say how much fun she was having.

She wasn’t the only one laughing either, because Ellen herself tweeted back to her to say, “You found it! I was making sure you were watching,” as if the mistake had been on purpose.

Also at the awards show, Pink delivered another one of her typically flawless performances, doing a medley of “Try” and “Just Give Me a Reason.” For half of “Try,” she was suspended in the air above the audience, without a safety chord or net, doing acrobatics while singing live.


Pink and Carey Hart on the red carpet at the Grammys 2014
   Pink and Carey Hart on the red carpet at the Grammys 2014