Grammys 2014: Beyonce, Lady Gaga Put Rivalry Aside for Performance

The divas can’t stand each other but are determined to be professional about it

Lady Gaga and Beyonce teamed up for Gaga’s smash hit “Telephone” but they were never friends, with some reports even saying that they actually hated each other. The two have reportedly decided to put all rivalry aside for the Grammy Awards, which will take place in January.

The nominees were announced last weekend and, since then, there’s been a lot of speculation on who might be asked to perform and, of course, who will show up and thus offer fashionistas one more outfit to comment on on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga wasn’t nominated, which was to be expected, since her new “ARTPOP” album came out just recently, but chances are she will be asked by the Academy to perform, which she’ll probably accept because she needs the extra media attention.

Beyonce is another headliner organizers are thinking of inviting and, according to Radar Online, the two divas have already agreed to “play nice” in order to make the awards gala a night to remember. Katy Perry will also be joining the event as headliner.

“The trio are all looking to avoid cat fights and turf wars by agreeing to each perform the same amount of time – six minutes. And they’re not planning any special duets or group performances. They plan to each have their moment to shine and steal the show. They’re going to get that chance and music fans are sure to be thrilled!” says a spy.

The biggest fear was that Beyonce and Gaga might throw diva tantrums, especially after their little spat, which reportedly started when Beyonce criticized Mother Monster for her outlandish fashion, which earned her the label of “hater” from Gaga.

“The source said [Beyonce and Gaga] haven’t been on speaking terms since their collaboration on Gaga’s last record, but they’re setting personal feelings aside for the big Grammy show, which will air on January 26, 2014,” the report notes.

Organizers would also like to bring Miley Cyrus to perform because whatever she will do on stage is bound to cause a frenzy (at this point, if she’s shameless, Miley gets attention but is she tones it down, she still makes headlines) but she might have other plans already, plans that would not allow her to attend the music awards.

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