Grammys 2013: The Ladies Who Defied the Grammy Dress Code

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland defied CBS’ wardrobe advisory

Late last week, word got out that CBS had sent out an email to all the celebrities invited at the 2013 Grammy Awards, which took place last night, warning them they were to keep covered… or else. As was to be expected, many chose to break the new rules.

As we also informed you at the time, because CBS broadcast the awards show live and was perhaps growing tired of being fined by the FCC, it pled with the stars to keep themselves covered, both on the red carpet and during their live performances.

Naturally, it didn’t really happen.

Though the wardrobe advisory clearly stated that sheer panels were out of the question, as also were sheer fabrics that allowed the underwear to be seen, many female stars walked the red carpet showing just that – and a lot of skin to boot as well.

Rihanna and Kelly Rowland, for instance, both went see through. In Rihanna’s case, you might not be able to notice it at first sight, but her breasts (and the piercings in them) were visible through the red gown she donned on the red carpet.

Kelly, on the other hand, kept all essential bits under wraps, though the overall impression with her stunning gown was that she was revealing everything.

Katy Perry ditched the see through fabrics and opted instead for an amazing pastel dress with a cleavage that got even Ellen DeGeneres staring. The gown was also figure hugging, so incredibly tight that one wondered how she could breathe in it.

However, these weren’t the biggest transgressions from the new Grammy code, as the photos below will confirm.

Ashanti made sure photographers got a clear look at her knickers, while Keltie Colleen came dressed in what could be a glitzy bathing suit / leotard, to which she’d tied a sheet for modesty’s sake – and it too got caught in the wind, leaving her red-faced.

Jennifer Lopez also put plenty of skin on show though, for the record, she had definitely made sure no wardrobe malfunctions were possible.

Check out the pics and, dare we say, enjoy!


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