Grammys 2013: Rihanna Wears Engagement Ring

Photo of star gets fans talking online: is she getting ready to walk down the aisle?

Rihanna and Chris Brown are an item again, having obviously moved on from the incident of 4 years ago that led to their first breakup. According to voices online, they might be actually getting ready for a new stage in their relationship.

After playing it coy with the media and the fans for several months, Chris and Rihanna officially put all rumors to rest with a PDA at the Grammys 2013 on Sunday night.

Also then, rumors they were engaged were born, as the Daily Mail notes.

Chris and Rihanna did not walk the red carpet together but, once inside the Staples Center, they were practically inseparable.

After changing out of the red dress she wore on the red carpet, Rihanna also changed her jewelry, leaving only one ring on her ring finger – that ring finger.

“Rihanna sparked a storm of online speculation as she took to the stage wearing what appeared to be a diamond ‘engagement ring’ on her wedding finger. Having shed the diamonds she wore on the red carpet, Rihanna replaced the bling with the simple band,” the Mail writes.

You can see the ring in question in the photo attached to this article as well. Rihanna was still wearing it when she left a Grammy afterparty so, if she’s really engaged, she’s clearly not making a big secret of it.

The Mail also lists some of the reactions to Rihanna’s new bling, and they range from ecstatic to doubt and disbelief.

“Is that a wedding ring on Rihanna?” one Twitter user asked.

“Rihanna engaged?!?! Or that's some type of promise ring?” another tweeted, while others could not believe she would accept his proposal after the beating he put on her in 2009.

“Rihanna is wearing a diamond on her left ring finger. Really?” one asked, while another simply said, “Hope that's just an accessory.”

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