Grammys 2013: Mumford & Sons Performs, Taylor Swift Steals Their Thunder

The Internet goes after show’s producers for cutting to Swift during performance

Mumford & Sons put on amazing performance at the Grammys 2013 last night but, as we speak, the Internet isn’t really buzzing about it, but rather about the fact that producers cut to Taylor Swift while they were singing on stage.

First of all, check out the performance below. It was a true testament to these guys’ talent and dedication, if further proof of that was necessary anymore.

Towards the end, the camera cuts to Taylor Swift, who’s singing along – and it remains there for a few seconds. It was a bit too much, according to voices online.

While the decision to cut to Swift may have had something to do with her being called the B-word by the very guys she was singing along with (it was a joke though, don’t worry), many took to social media to lash out at producers for attempting to make an otherwise superb performance about something it was not.

So she sang along. So did everybody else.


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