Grammys 2013: Miley Cyrus' Revealing Dress Reveals Too Much

New Grammy dress didn’t apply to the pre-show festivities, obviously

Miley Cyrus is young and she’s experimenting with fashion. She also has an amazing figure by Yoga and Pilates, so it’s somehow understandable for her to want to show it off, like she did during the Grammys 2013 weekend.

I said “somehow.”

At Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, one of the most important industry events of the year, Miley Cyrus showed up wearing this: click on the image above to see it in full.

The idea of the dress is interesting: feminine but edgy, classic but cool. However, it fails in execution, which means that, for most part of the night, Miley was either hanging out of her gown or making sure she wasn’t.

The Daily Mail has more photos. Whichever way you look at it, this is not a good look – and the biggest shame is that this could have been amazing and very well put together look, if only she had bothered to have the dress fitted.

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