Grammys 2013: Justin Timberlake Makes Comeback to Live Performing

Star does medley, has Jay-Z up on stage for special appearance

Justin Timberlake is back! As promised, the former boybander has returned to his number 1 love, music, with a special performance at the Grammy Awards 2013. Check it out in full in the video below.

For the past 6 years or so, Justin has been focusing solely on acting, even saying at one point that he would never record a new album.

He is now in the process of promoting a new record, with the Grammy performance serving as his official comeback to the stage.

He kicked it off with “Suit & Tie” (which is yet to grow on me, I have to admit), which also included a special appearance from the man himself, Jay-Z.

Justin then eased into a brand new track that will be included on the album, “Little Pusher Love Girl.” This should have been his comeback single not “Suit & Tie,” if you ask me.

All in all though, it was an amazing gig. Justin has grown a lot these past years and it totally shows. I believe we’re in for great things, just wait and see.

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