Grammys 2013: Justin Bieber Got Snubbed

The Recording Academy has completely overlooked one of the biggest artists of our times

The nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards are out and, believe it or not, notably absent is none other than The Biebs himself, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. His omission is considered the biggest snub this year.

As reported earlier today, Justin’s name is not present in one single category on the list, even though he has a brand new album out now, “Believe,” while also enjoying plenty of chart success.

Ironically, Music Yahoo! points out, two years ago, he was one of the most nominated acts at the Grammys.

While fans can’t but feel sorry for their idol, saying that the Academy is on some kind of campaign to overlook and belittle his merits, voices online are saying perhaps this isn’t entirely such a bad thing.

There’s no denying Bieber’s popularity, as neither can there be any doubts as to the fact that he does possess some talent. Nevertheless, he’s still growing, trying to find his sound (and his voice), so perhaps he’s not yet ready for the Grammys.

What do you think? Is Justin’s omission a shameful snub or just what the music industry needed right now?

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