Grammys 2013: Fox Discusses Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s Weight

Nutritionist says Grammy-winning singers are not good role models for women

Now that the 2013 Grammy Awards are over and we’re done honoring the winners, Fox News is trying to divert attention towards something it believes to be just as important: how good role models are Adele and Kelly Clarkson for women all over the world?

Check out the video above to see what I’m talking about.

Shortly after the awards show, Fox had Keren Gilbert MS., RD, Decision Nutrition president invited to talk about – what else? – how Kelly and Adele were too overweight, too unhealthy, too bad role models.

Gilbert argues that, by seeing them and seeing how successful they are, other overweight women might find excuses for looking the way they do and, thus, refuse to lose weight and become healthier.

You must already know that Kelly has been very vocal on this issue in recent years, saying she refused to starve herself to be stick-thin and insisting she ate right and worked out whenever she had the chance.

Trying to bully her and Adele who, by the way, just gave birth to her first child, into losing weight seems a bit unfair to me – and I think this is what Gilbert is trying to do.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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