Grammys 2013: Chris Brown Refuses to Give Frank Ocean a Standing Ovation

Video makes it clear that these two still can’t stand each other

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown got into a fight last week and, even though Frank chose not to press charges against Chris, they still can’t stand each other. Or, at least, Chris still can’t stand Frank.

The two went head to head in the Urban Contemporary Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards 2013, with Ocean winning.

Check out the video below to see Chris’ hilarious and totally immature reaction to losing to Frank.

As several media outlets point out, Chris was almost the only one in the entire venue who refused to get up and give Ocean a standing ovation.

Being dressed in a blinding white suit only made it that much easier for people to spot him – and his rude gesture.

Watch the video and let me know: was Chris dissing Frank by refusing to stand up, or is the guy entitled to do as he pleases, regardless of what others around him are doing? What do you think?

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