Grammys 2013: Chris Brown Is “Worst Person Ever” for Frank Ocean Snub

Singer refuses to give him standing ovation, feels the ire of the Internet

As I also noted the other day, at the 2013 Grammy Awards, Chris Brown refused to stand up and give Frank Ocean a standing ovation when he won – and everybody was up from their seat.

He’s now feeling the ire of the Internet because of it.

Check out the GIF below to see how Chris snubbed Ocean when he won Best Urban Contemporary Album, a category for which he too was nominated.

BuzzFeed brands him the “absolute worst person ever” for the rude gesture, while TMZ is a bit more mellow, choosing to call him “ungracious” instead.

They aren’t the only media outlets criticizing Brown for showing too little class or, at the very least, too little tact to know that appearances should also count for something.

Despite the brawl they got into days before the Grammys, he should have taken part in the standing ovation because that would have been the nice and correct thing to do, voices online are saying.

What do you think? Is Chris the worst for not standing up, or is he allowed to do as he pleases if he doesn’t feel like Frank deserved a standing ovation? Let me know.

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