Grammys 2013: Carrie Underwood Wears $31 Million (€23.1 Million) Necklace

Star wows on the red carpet by accessorizing with necklace worth a fortune

No other celebrity was more dripping in diamonds at last night’s Grammy Awards 2013 than Carrie Underwood: she wore a diamond necklace worth a whopping $31 million (€23.1 million).

Check it out in the video above.

Speaking with reporters (and Ryan Seacrest) on the red carpet, the singer, who also got to take home a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance, admitted that she was feeling overwhelmed about the ice on her.

Courtesy of Johnathon Arndt, the necklace had 381 carats of white diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Carrie also joked that she’d come to the awards gala unescorted by security which, considering the worth of the necklace, was probably just a joke. I think.

Also during the Grammys, Carrie took to the stage to perform a medley and replaced the eye-catching necklace with a dress to match.

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