Grammys 2010: Pink’s Amazing Mid-Air Performance

Singer does “Glitter in the Air” while swinging in the air

Over the weekend, Pink was telling Rolling Stone magazine that she hoped Lady Gaga would win at the Grammy Awards 2010. Today, it’s Pink’s jaw-dropping performance that is the talk of all town, as the singer performed “Glitter in the Air” while swinging on a trapeze – and not missing a single beat, as Styleist can confirm.

Pink took to the stage in a floor-long white hooded gown, which gave away no indication that underneath was a see-through leotard she would reveal later, halfway through the song. She walked to the center stage while singing and, once there, stepped out of her gown and got onto the trapeze. Fans who’ve seen her perform live can vouch that Pink is an extraordinary artist, but even with that in mind last night’s performance was a simply amazing one, as she swirled and pirouetted without as much as missing a single beat.

“While she started out in a white boxing / spa-inspired hooded robe, the singer then stripped down, revealing what appeared to be a sheer-ish unitard that perfectly matched her skin color and featured white fabric bandage insets covering the key intersections. Part-way through her act, Pink was soaked with water from above. Thrilling, indeed!” Styleist writes of the performance.

After being soaked, she was again lifted and continued swirling high above the audience, the members of which were looking up to her as if in utter disbelief. The athletic dance routine and the immaculate vocals, despite being upside down and in full swing, made of Pink’s the most impressive performance of the night, once again confirming for those who still had any doubts that, when it comes to live shows, there’s no better artist at it than Pink.

Below is Pink performing “Glitter in the Air” at the 2010 Grammy Awards, truly a breathtaking show. Enjoy.

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