Government of Pakistan Portal Breached by Indian Hacker (Updated)

Hacktivists are protesting against the recent Hyderabad bomb attacks

Mahesh Haxor, a member of the Anonymous-affiliated K9 Network Cyber Army, has defaced, the official web portal of the Pakistani government.

Cyber News reports that the hack comes in response to the recent Hyderabad bomb attacks in which over a dozen people were killed and around 100 were injured. Some believe that a group with ties to Pakistan is behind the attacks.

On the defaced website, the hacker threatened to attack more sites and start leaking data from their databases.

“You Pak gov, you are fail. You have no power, no ability, you are just a garbage. Sadly, but its true ,” the hacker said.

Currently, has been restored and appears to be working properly.

Over the past weekend, 7 Indian government websites have been defaced by members of the Pakistan Cyber Army.

Update. According to Hackers Media, the site can be used as a proxy. The hacker used this proxy to display his own website and make it appear as if Pakistan’s parliament website had been defaced.

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