Government Sites from Guatemala, Ecuador and Argentina Defaced by Bangladeshi Hackers

A total of 26 websites have been breached by BGHH

Members of the Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH) have breached a total of 26 government websites from Argentina, Guatemala and Ecuador. The attacks are part of a campaign dubbed “OpAntiIslam.”

“Free Muslims, free the humanity, free Palestine, free Kashmir, free all Muslim nations. Peace is better for all. Fight is the hell fire for all. Stop killing innocent Muslims in Myanmar. We love Bangladesh and we love our Muslim brothers,” the hackers wrote on one of the defaced websites.

The list of targeted sites includes the one of the City of Las Acequias, Argentina, the one of the Miguel H. Alcivar hospital in Ecuador, and various websites belonging to Guatemalan municipalities.

Some of the affected websites have been restored, but others still host the defacement pages added by the hackers. Mirrors of the defacements are available on Zone-H, here.

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