Government Approves of Samsung's Galaxy Camera (Wi-Fi)

The device has been approved by the FCC at last, not that anything new was revealed

It was just two days ago that Samsung launched the Wi-Fi-only version of its Galaxy Camera, conveniently named Galaxy Camera (Wi-Fi).

Apparently, the photo and video capture device is one of those less than ordinary wireless gadgets that made it through FCC tests after it was formally released.

Still, the Federal Communications Commission has examined the camera and found it compliant with all guidelines and manufacturing rules.

Sadly, the new development did not bring about the exposure of those two key details that Samsung left out of its release.

That is to say, the price and availability date are still unknown, much to the chagrin of all. We did speculate what the former might be, based on the normal Galaxy Camera's tag ($470 / 360-470 Euro), but still, it is speculation and nothing more.

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