“Goosinator” Now Used to Keep Geese Out of Parks in Denver – Video

Local officials decided that this was the best way to deal with the animals

Local officials in Denver have decided that the best way to keep wild geese (and the mess they cause) out of the parks under their jurisdiction was to buy several so-called “Goosinators,” and make them chase away the birds.

This Goosinator is actually a model plane whose loudness and brightness annoys the heck out of geese, sources explain. Thus, the birds will be faced with no choice except leave the parks, or face losing their sanity.

As its investor puts it, “They don’t like big teeth, they don’t like big eyes, they don’t like the colors orange, silver, black yellow or white.”

Animal rights activists should also approve of the Goosinator, seeing how no bodily harm is caused to the birds while trying to convince them to set up house someplace else.

More information about the Goosinator is made available to you in the video below.

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