GooseGrade Now Lets Everyone Modify Website Content

Internet users can now edit any kind of content on the Internet

GooseGrade has heavily upgraded its services, providing more options for users and website owners. The company provides a crowd-sourced copy-editing service that now lets people suggest modifications to any website on the Internet through the usage of a simple browser bookmarklet.

Dropping the old policy in which website owners had to have a plugin installed on their servers for users to actively suggest corrections to any kind of content, GooseGrade has launched a new service powered through a simple bookmarklet.

Users need only to drag and drop a specific URL in their bookmarks toolbar and join the GooseGrade website. That is it. Users can now suggest grammar corrections, misspellings and factual errors in the author's content, as well as any other kind of other suggestions.

Whenever they feel like navigating the web and find content that needs to be corrected, they can simply click on the bookmarklet, suggest the corrections and the submission is automatically added to the GooseGrade website database.

There, website owners can view all suggested corrections made to their website. If they have already installed the GooseGrade plugin, they could simply hit the “OK” button and the modifications to the website's content will be done automatically. WordPress, Typepad and Blogger plugins are available for blog owners.

Also, alongside the release of the WordPress plugin, an announcement was made for the future release of a GooseGrade API. John Brooks Pounders, GooseGrade Founder, said that “gooseGrade for Wordpress is just one example of what we foresee as many rich applications which will be built around the gooseGrade API, once made available to the developer community.”

It is important to know that, without a GooseGrade account, users can't suggest any kind of modification. In the future, the company will introduce alternative login authentication systems using Twitter and Facebook memberships.

Launched in 2008, GooseGrade has seen limited usage because of its difficult handling, even if CNN and Fox News successfully used its services in the past. More details on the GooseGrade homepage.


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