Google to Offer Chromebooks in Nine New Countries

Google is planning to unleash some of its Chrome OS laptops to new markets

Chromebooks are expanding their territory, as this week Google has announced it will be rolling out the Chrome OS laptop family with an additional nine more countries.

The territories which will be getting fresh Chromebook treatment in the upcoming days include New Zealand, Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

The company hasn't said anything about pricing or availability dates for each country, but I assume this info will be provided by the regional Google offices soon enough.

Chromebooks are a flourishing business worldwide and are currently selling in territories like the US, UK, India, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

According to information provided by 9to5Google, the Acer C720, C720P, HP Chromebook, HP Chromebook 14 and Toshiba Chromebook 13 will be the first wave of Chromebooks to hit the new markets we have outlined above.

Chromebooks are thriving, so it’s no wonder Google is pushing them further on. After all they are affordable and decently specced devices that will probably appeal to a lot of customers in developing market like Chile, but not only.

According to IDC, 2.5 million Chromebooks were shipped out in 2013, taking up 1% of the entire PC market. From this standpoint it does seem like Chromebooks are a very common product yet, but the expansion to other markets will certainly help Google’s laptop gain more dominion, Chromebook-wise.

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