Google to Launch LG Optimus G Nexus in November

It will be powered by the upcoming Android 4.2 platform

Following tradition, Mountain View-based Internet giant Google is expected to launch a new Nexus device this fall, and it seems that it might have picked LG Electronics as the manufacturer for it.

Rumors on the possible launch of an LG Nexus device did make the rounds before, and they got some more substance now.

Apparently, the recently unveiled LG Optimus G smartphone, which LG claims is the best Android device it has developed so far, will join the ranks of Nexus devices.

A new flavor of the phone will be launched with the name of LG Optimus G Nexus attached to it and with some modifications when compared to the previous model.

The main difference would be the fact that it will run the vanilla flavor of Android, meaning that there will be no custom user interface on top of the platform, a recent report on Android and Me notes.

Moreover, the smartphone is said to arrive on shelves with the Android 4.2 platform loaded on its hardware, though little is known so far on what the new software will have to offer.

Apparently, Google decided to make a series of changes to the Nexus program, which will allow more handset vendors to add their handsets to it.

Of course, there will be a series of specific requirements for those devices, such as the stock Android and 64 MB of secure memory.

Google might also come up with a new “customization center” for these devices, thus offering manufacturers the possibility to personalize these devices a bit, rumor has it.

Additionally, the Internet giant is said to have set a series of additional hardware requirements for these devices, so as to ensure that they will support the Android 5.0 OS release, which is set to become available in the fall of 2013.

Speculation on the possible release of multiple devices in Google’s Nexus lineup has emerged before, yet nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter so far. Provided that the rumor is true, we should be able to learn more on the matter next month, so stay tuned.

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