Google's Self-Branded Phone Comes in 2010

Manufactured by a leading handset vendor

Search engine-based company Google has been rumored a few times before to plan launching on the market its own mobile phone, and now the same rumors have returned to the table. Although the company denied the existence of a self-branded device, claiming that it is only into the licensing software business when it comes to the mobile phone area, it seems that the phone is as real as it can be, and that it is expected to arrive at a certain point in 2010.

The said device is expected to run under the company's own mobile operating system, Android, and should prove to be a “super Android handset” according to techcrunch. The upcoming phone is expected to arrive on the market from one of the largest handset manufacturers in the world, yet it should bear only Google's logo on it, this is what some industry sources seem to have said. The Google Phone was initially expected to arrive on shelves before the holiday season, yet it seems that it will only be here in 2010.

Techcrunch also states that Google has partnered with one of the leading South Korean mobile phone makers for the development of the said handset, though there are no exact details on whether that would be LG or Samsung. However, the news site also suggests that LG is the most possible choice, given the fact that Samsung is working closely with Apple for some iPhone parts, which might be an impediment to the Google deal.

At the same time, HTC has been also suggested to be a possible partner for Google's own device. The Taiwanese smartphone maker is already known to be working on a future high-end Android-based device, which is actually expected to turn into the HTC dragon device already rumored to come to Verizon. According to the news site, the Dragon/Passion phone is not the actual Google handset.

One thing that seems to be certain at the moment is that the Google-branded phone is one good rumor. We're pretty sure that there are a lot of users who would like to see this one becoming reality, though we're still going to take it with a grain of salt. Google is expected to come up with a great advertising campaign for the device, which means that it might start to deliver details on the handset in the near future, in case the rumor pans out. Stay tuned for more info on this.

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