Google iPhone App Receives Makeover

Voice search adds support for spoken language and even accent

Fans of the Google iPhone app should be glad to hear that the Mountain View search giant has updated the program with exciting, new stuff, including a redesigned UI, new voice-search functionality, and faster searches. The app is free to download and use on any iPhone or iPod touch model running iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

“Hello, iPhone users! We have just received the good news that our new version of Google Mobile App for iPhone was approved and is now available on in the App Store everywhere,” Alastair Tse, a software engineer with Google, says. “In this version, we have a redesigned search results display that shows more results at once and, more importantly, opens web pages from the results within the app,” he reveals. “This will get you to what you need faster, which is always our goal at Google.”

The developers also decided to expose the previously hidden “Bells and Whistles” visual settings. Using this setting, fans of the application can give it a new look every once in a while, adding a red, taupe, or heliotrope shade to it. “If you're on a faster iPhone, like the iPhone 3GS, you may want to try the live waveform setting which turns on, as the name suggests, a moving waveform when you search by voice,” the blog post also reveals.

Speaking of which, users can now choose their spoken language and even accent. Alastair provides readers with an example saying that Australians living in London can use this tweak to their advantage by selecting Australian in the Voice Search settings, to improve recognition accuracy. Newly supported languages also include Mandarin and Japanese.

That’s pretty much it for the new version of Google Mobile. To download the free app onto your device, you will also need iTunes. You can start by using the download link below.

Download Google Mobile for iPhone / iPod touch (Free)

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