Google and Yandex Sign Advertising Deal

The two search engines have decided to take advantage of each other's ad inventories

Google and Yandex, also known as “Russia’s Google,” have teamed up so that their clients can have access to each other’s networks.

Out of the two, Yandex seems to be the most excited about the partnership, given how affected its platform will be. In fact, the Russian giant expects for its advertising inventory to “dramatically increase.”

Google’s clients will also have access to the advertising inventory offered by publishers in Yandex’s Advertising Network. For their part, Yandex clients will find it possible to bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange.

Yandex claims that it complements well with Google in terms of user data, audience targeting and bid optimization and that both have their advantages.

This new partnership should give a lot of value to the advertising clients of both companies, particularly when carrying out real-time bidding, mainly because the more conditions are taken into account by the system when matching ads to publishers, the more fine-tuned the ad targeting is, which results in a better optimization.

The two systems are based on a real-time bidding technology, which should help mediate the trades between buyers and sellers.

“The current arrangement between Yandex and Google only relates to display advertising, and does not cover text-based contextual advertising. It also reflects the industry’s movement towards technology-based, in contrast to human mediation-based, trading – a step forward in the evolution of digital advertising,” Yandex wrote on its blog, announcing the agreement with the American Internet giant.

The two have already signed the deal and they’ve reached the next step – the technical implementation of the project.

The deal it signed with Google isn’t the only one for Yandex. The company has been reaching out to several giants in the United States, including Facebook and Twitter. The Russian search giant seeks to boost its search results with popular topics from social networks, and it has managed to bring local data from these two services straight to its own search pages.

With Facebook, for instance, Yandex has obtained the right to index public content posted by users in Russia and several Eastern European markets, namely Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Yandex has also managed to obtain a similar deal with Twitter, which now allows the company to get access to public tweets from a series of countries in the area. Furthermore, Yandex will deliver a dedicated Twitter search engine to showcase the messages posted in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or Kazakh.

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