Google: We Just Love iPhone!

Marissa Mayer talks about the evolution of the mobile market

Marissa Mayer, the Google vice president of search product, said that the recent iPhone release brought numerous new consumers for the Google mobile solutions as its traffic was increased from 40 percent to 50 percent when it comes to Google Maps. Following the recent evolution of the market, more and more companies seem to be attracted by the mobile industry. Take for example the Sunnyvale giant Yahoo that struggles to improve its oneSearch technology that is expected to become the leader of the mobile searching platforms very soon.

According to the Google employee, the Mountain View company is also very attracted to the mobile market since more and more consumers tend to migrate from the old fashioned PC to the handheld devices. "We are seeing more and more mobile activity," Marissa Mayer said according to Reuters. "I think this is sort of a sign that people are becoming savvier with their mobile devices, and that there are better devices available for the Web, while away from computers."

The search giant always tried to build mobile technologies that would allow the consumers to access their information from any handheld device connected to the Internet. That's why you're now able to use you mobile phone to access Google Calendar, Google Search, Gmail and even YouTube.

In the recent period, the rumors about a potential social networking website powered by Google were continuously increased by the search giant moves. Well, Marissa Mayer proudly said that she likes Facebook, one of the leaders when it comes to this kind of services. According to InternetNews, the Google employee said that Facebook has an interesting perspective over the consumers' information because it tries to collect all sorts of details in order to improve the technology. "This information is particularly useful; we should do that," she said for the same source.

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