Google Wallet Supports Mobile Sites Now, Makes Mobile Payments Easier

Users will no longer have to enter credit card information, addresses and the like

Google Wallet, the popular mobile service that provides users with the possibility to make payments right from their handsets, has added a new feature, making purchases on mobile sites easier than before.

All the sites that accept Google Wallet will provide users with the possibility to make purchases without having to enter their credit or debit card number and other information.

Since all the Google Wallet details are already stored on the device, this step of the process has been eliminated, so that users could make purchases much easier than before.

“Typically, on mobile websites, you need to key in 17-20 fields of information on a small screen while having to click and scroll through multiple pages to provide shipping and billing information,” Google explains.

”It’s no wonder up to 97% of mobile shoppers abandon their mobile shopping carts. Google Wallet makes it easy and secure for you. Simply click the Buy with Google Wallet button, log into Google Wallet and click to complete your order. That’s it — you’re done in 3 steps.”

Users can now take advantage of the simplicity of Google wallet when purchasing from, and, the Internet giant also notes.

Google Wallet provides users with the possibility to add more than a single credit card and to easily manage them, while also enabling them to view shipping addresses and transaction history in a single place.

One can also choose a specific credit card as default for the future purchases, so that future transactions would be made much faster than before.

Furthermore, Google notes that its Wallet enables users to shop with confidence as all of their “payment and related information is encrypted and stored on secure servers and not shared with anyone.”

“Not only does Google Wallet save you time, it can also save you money. For a limited time, buy with Google Wallet on your mobile device and get $10 off at and $20 off at (some restrictions apply),” the company continues.

Other retailers are also working with Google to integrate Google Wallet on their mobile websites, including Finish Line,, Seamless, and more.

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