Google Voice Search Learns Four New Languages

Today, Mountain View-based Internet giant Google announced the addition of some new features to one of the services / applications it offers to users of mobile phones (including Android, iPhone and others), namely Voice Search. Four new languages have been included into the mix, including Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish.

What Google Voice Search on mobile devices is all about includes the possibility to search for various items on the Google through speaking the words.

When users on mobile phones, the service can prove a great option almost at all times, since these devices sport small screens, which make the typing of words to search rather difficult, at least when compared to typing on a desktop PC.

“Try speaking queries like “концерты Юлии Савичевой” (tour dates for Yulia Svicheva), “przepis na pierogi” (recipes for pierogi), “obrázky Hradčan” (pictures of the Prague castle), or “istanbul hava durumu” (weather in Istanbul),” Amir Mané, Product Manager of Google Speech Technologies, notes in a recent post on Google Mobile Blog.

At the same time, Amir Mané points out that one would be able to speak only one language at a time. In case users would like to speak a different language, they would have to change the app's settings first.

Some of the latest mobile phones pushed to shelves with Google's Andoid operating system on board come with Voice Search pre-loaded right from the start.

“Voice Search is often preloaded on new Android devices,” Amir Mané notes. “In that case, all you have to do is press and hold the search button and then speak your query.”

In case there are some users who own a device powered by Android 2.0 or higher but do not have Voice Search installed, they can download a “Voice Search” app from Android Market.

Various Google Mobile App with Voice Search versions are available for download on different smartphone models out there, including the iPhone, from


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