Google Street View Now Available in Russia

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the first two cities to be added

Undeterred by lawsuits, investigations, grave errors on its part, criticism and so on, Google is continuing to expand Street View. Now it's adding a brand new country to the service, the largest in the world in fact, Russia.

Granted, it's just two big cities in Russia that now have Street View imagery, but nobody expected Google to have full coverage of the biggest country in the world, home of some of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet, like it does in the UK for example, where literally every street has been shot and is available in Google Maps.

Still, even if it's a small part of Russia that's available, it's a very interesting one, Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two largest and probably the most beautiful cities in the country.

"Take an online stroll around famous Red Square and Moscow Kremlin, or go to outskirts of Moscow to wander around the beautiful Tsaritsino or Kuskovo parks. You can also visit the former site of the palace in Kolomenskoye, once considered the 8th World Wonder," Google wrote.

Once you're done strolling through the famous Red Square, visited the Kremlin or checked out some of the more hidden treasures in Moscow, you can head a bit further up north to St. Petersburg and check out some of the sights from the Baltic sea.

"St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia and northernmost megapolis in the world, was once a country capital, and the history of this young city started with The Peter and Paul Fortress. Today, the entire historical center of St. Petersburg is a UNESCO Heritage Site that you can enjoy via Street View," Google explained.

There are already tens of countries in Google Street View with more added every once in a while. You can expect more additions as Google expands its Street View program as well as more places in the countries where it's already available.

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