Google Ships New HP Chromebook 11 Charger with $25 / €18 Google Play Gift Card

Google is trying to make amends for the woes HP Chromebook 11 users have been put through

Recall that HP and Google recently pulled the HP Chromebook 11 from sale and the device’s trail was seemingly lost in a sea of fog? Well, it appears that the two companies are working to fix the issues.

Not so long ago, I told you that Google had started shipping out replacement chargers for the laptops and had sent email notifications to affected users, letting them know their salvation was coming.

Google ships the new charger free of charge and being the nice company that it is, the tech giant has also added a surprise for its abiding customers.

It appears that the new power pump comes bundled with a nice $25 / €18 Google Play gift card, says AndroidCentral. Furthermore, Google has slipped an official apology letter from the Chromebook team itself in the package. That should make you feel better.

The new charger is apparently smaller and bears the Chrome branding, so we can be sure it has especially designed with the HP Chrome laptop in mind.

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