Google Search for Android 3.2 Now Available for Download

The latest version features bug fixes and performance improvements

Google has just updated its Search application for Android devices and also offered those who wish to know the what's new an official changelog.

According to this changelog, the latest update for Google Search only brings some “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

However, the folks over at AndroidPolice have been tinkering with the .apk file and noticed some other changes that haven't been mentioned by Google.

For the example, the Google Experience Launcher that's been updated along with Google Search, now has a new name – Google Now Launcher.

Some say that this might be an indication that Google will make it available for download on Play Store, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Other changes not mentioned by Google and added via this update include:

- 6 columns on tablet home screens (up from 5);

- AirBNB reservations in Google Now;

- Fixes disappearing icon in the hotseat bug;

- Hotword detection now works in British and Canadian English;

- Icon imports from old home screen;

- App drawer no longer resets to first page when you close it;

- New animations for expandable card bundles;

- Voice volume is now dependent on media volume;

- Customize TV provider and on-demand options.

More new features might be “hidden” inside the update, but for now these are the most important that have been found. Keep in mind that the new Google Now Launcher name will not show on the Nexus 5 given the fact the smartphone already has the new launcher installed by default.

It is also worth mentioning that in order to see the Google Now Launcher, one will need to have the Google Home stub application installed on the device.

On a side note, some Android users claim that a black bar is now showing on the right of the N7 screen when in landscape, but it's not present on all devices.

You can now download Google Search for Android 3.2 for free via Google Play Store. The application should be fully compatible with most devices powered by Android 4.0 and up.

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