Google Search by Voice Learns Korean

Easing the performing of searches in this language

The list of languages that can be used to perform searches while using Google Search by Voice has just been expanded with the inclusion of Korean. Mobile phone users who would like to perform a search and do not want to use the keyboard available on their Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device can now activate the voice search and use Korean to find what they are interested in.

“The creation of the Korean alphabet by Sejong the Great was a wonderful advance, enabling literacy for the masses. However, even with the latest smartphone keyboards, entering the characters of the Korean alphabet is still challenging. Less than two weeks ago we announced Google Search by Voice in French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and today we are happy to announce support for Korean,” Google announced via a recent post on Google Mobile Blog.

Through the expansion of the supported languages for Google Search by Voice, the Internet giant wants to make sure that its service can be used by as many mobile phone users as possible. With the great increase in usage of mobile services, it was only natural that the company would expand its reach to more users out there.

Following the inclusion of Korean in the list of Google Search by Voice supported languages, more additions should be announced in the not too distant future. Previously, Google said that it planned on making the service available for all available languages, and it is already making visible steps in this direction, with Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish also present on the list.

“Google Search by Voice will be available soon, pre-installed, on the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus One. It is also accessible in the Android Market and via Google Mobile App for the BlackBerry and the iPhone,” the said blog post continues. Those interested in downloading the Google Mobile App should head over to straight from the browser on their mobile phone.

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