Google Reorganizes Categories in the Chrome Web Store

To make it more intuitive to find apps in the online app store

Google is changing the way apps in the Chrome Web Store are categorized, hopefully simplifying the process for users and developers alike. Apps can be assigned to only one category now, not two like before, and there are several new categories and subcategories as well.

"When we launched the Chrome Web Store a year ago, our app taxonomy system reflected the apps that were available in the store at the time. However, since then, the store’s app inventory has grown and changed in composition," Google explained.

"So, yesterday we made important changes in the Chrome Web Store’s app category system to allow more great apps of all kinds to stand out," it announced.

The first big change, as far as developers are concerned, is the removal of the secondary category. Developers have been able to list apps in two categories until now, but Google believes this proved confusing for both users and developers, so only one primary category will be available starting now.

There are also some changes to the categories, there is a new one dubbed "Business Apps" and the Shopping category is now a subcategory of Lifestyle.

Google says that there are some advantages to the new category and subcategory system. For example, a popular app from a subcategory will be visible on the subcategory's Web Store page but also on the page of the main category it's a part of, improving exposure.

There are plans to add more categories and subcategories if needed. In fact, developers already have more subcategories to choose from which aren't live on the site yet, "Online Documents & File Storage" being one example. Google plans to add these subcategories to the Web Store once there are enough apps in them.

The change also meant that all apps had to be reassigned to one primary category or subcategory so developers are urged to check whether the automated categorization is correct.

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