Google Releases Windows 8 Search App

Search Google straight from your Windows 8 workstation

Google has just released its very own search app for Windows 8 users, providing an alternative way to search the web beside the traditional browser method.

The app is obviously available in the built-in Windows Store and can be downloaded for free by any Windows 8 early adopter.

Just like any other Windows 8 Modern App, it can be launched straight from the Start Screen and runs in full screen.

It can display search results in two different modes, as follows: the classic way, just like you’d search Google with your browser, and a preview version that shows you the pages you’re about to load.

The app works blazing fast and shows suggestions as you type, with a dedicated “Voice Search” option to initiate a new search by simply pronouncing the keywords.

The Google Search tool for Windows 8 workstations keeps track of your previous searches, but also comprises a dedicated option to clear history and thus erase all searching sessions.

Here are all features of the Windows 8 Google Search app, as they were published on the Windows Store product page:

- Google Searchbox - Type your search right from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly.

- Voice Search - Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly.

- Image Search - Watch images load into a beautiful full-screen grid. Select images you like or swipe through to see more results.

- Search Charm - By installing the Google Search app, you can easily access Google from the Search Charm.

- Instant Previews mode - Browse search results without having to visit each page.

- View Your Searches - Swipe from the top to see the sites you visited most recently, categorized by keyword.

- Google Apps page - Access all your favorite Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.

- Google Instant - No need to press Enter - see results instantly as you type.

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