Google Play Lands on Google TV Along with Movies, Music and Smart App Updates

The Play Store is finally available for Google TV devices

Google TV, which hasn't been able to catch a break yet, it is still around and Google is still improving it. The latest update may actually have an impact as Google TV devices are finally getting access to the Play store.

This means movie and TV show rentals along with music, all available on Google TV for the first time.

The fact that Google is making the announcement now, six months after Google Play launched, and that users have been able to buy and watch movies on their phones for a long time now, but not on Google TV, should be an indication of just how much Google cares about is TV platform at this point.

"Starting today more of the Google Play experience will come to your Google TV. Google Play Movies, TV shows, and Music will be rolling out to your Google TV over the next few weeks," Google wrote.

"You’ll be able to buy or rent content directly through the Google Play Store on Google TV, and purchases you’ve made on other devices will also be automatically available on Google TV," it added.

Google is also making it possible to discover the entire Google TV catalog via the TV & Movies app, one of the big reasons Google TV exists.

The app already has content from live TV, but also from video apps and services such as Netflix and Amazon. Now, Google's own store is part of the offer.

The update goes beyond just movies and music, with the Play Store app available for Google TV, existing apps will be able to make use of the functionality available to all other Android developers. Google TV is based on Android.

Things like automatic updates, smart updates, and smart billing, which have been available to everyone else, will be available to Google TV developers as well.

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