Google + Photoshop = Love

Photoshop CS3 Extended compatible with Google Warehouse

The famous 3D modeling tool Adobe Photoshop was recently enhanced with a special plugin that adds interoperability between the program and the Google 3D Warehouse. Using the plugin, the Photoshop users are able to take one of the creations published on Google's Warehouse and import it into the application to add new exciting 3D views. Obviously, the plugin is available for free so you're not required to pay for the interoperability with the search giant's solution.

"So when our 3D Warehouse team met with the Photoshop team a few months ago, it was pretty natural to wonder, "Wouldn't it be cool if Photoshop users could grab models out of the 3D Warehouse?" That's how the plug-in idea was born," Brian Brewington, Software Developer, said. "A bit of coding later, we've got our first version. Now CS3 Extended users can take advantage of the creativity of 3D modelers from around the world who've shared their stuff on the 3D Warehouse. And in case you had any doubt, the plug-in is free."

All you need to do is download the plugin and copy it into the Photoshop Plugins/Automate directory. Then, you must open your application, go to File / Automate / Search Google for 3D Model and select one of the models.

Since the Mountain View company Google rolled out SketchUp 6, it also introduced compatibility with Google Earth, allowing users to create their own 3D drawings and implement them into the mapping tool. Also, the parent company debuted Warehouse, a special website that hosts all the creations uploaded by the users and meant to be included in Google Earth.

The interoperability brought numerous 3D models into Google Earth, the company introducing even full 3D cities into the application as a considerable number of users contributed to the evolution of the program.

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