Google Pays $72 Million a Year for Employees' Food

According to Silicon Alley Insider

Working for Google is like a trip to paradise and most people who have been employed by the Mountain View-based company confirm it. Free food, swimming pools, restaurants, fast-foods, pool tables and gyms. They're all free for the Google employees. But, have you ever asked yourself how much is Google spending on all these things? Well, the Silicon Alley Insider made an interesting analysis over the Google food budget, revealing that the Mountain View company spends more than $70 million a year for the food it offers to the employees!

The food budget was calculated by taking into consideration the number of employees currently working at the Googleplex, the workforce hired by other US offices, the amount of money paid for each Googler's food per day and the number of days during which the Mountain View company is open to the employees. The equation revealed a total of $72,288,00 per year!

"Google is open 251 days a year. So let's say that Google is providing about 600 meals per year, per employee. By its own count, Google has about 8,000 workers at the Googleplex in Mountain View, and another 700 at the office on Ninth Ave. in New York City. Buying DoubleClick netted Google 900 more U.S. employees (after laying off 300). So that's a total of about 9,600 employees in Mountain View, New York, and from DoubleClick," Vasanth Sridharan of Silicon Alley Insider wrote.

"Prentiss Hall, a helpful exec at Aramark Business Dining Services, thinks Google could be spending closer to $30 a day, based on the quality and level of service the company provides. So we multiplied the $30/day by the 9,600 employees in Mountain View and New York by the 251 days Google is open every year," he added.

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