Google Parts with $23 Million (€17.6 M), All for the Sake of a Better World

The WWF will use some of this money to continue fighting wildlife trafficking

Only yesterday, Google made it public news that it was to part with $5 million (€3.82 million) out of its own will. Thus, this American multinational corporation offered said sum of money to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization whose main focus is on safeguarding endangered animals and environments.

It is Google's desire that the World Wildlife Fund should use this grant to continue fighting wildlife trafficking and poaching.

Some might argue that, when compared to how much money the illegal global trade in wildlife is worth, spending $5 million on conservation projects is the financial equivalent of trying to fix a badly leaking pipe using nothing except some duct tape.

However, it still beats doing absolutely nothing about it, others could point out.

“The illegal wildlife trade, estimated to be worth $7-10 billion annually, is emptying our forests, landscapes and oceans. This criminal industry devastates endangered species, damages ecosystems, and threatens local livelihoods and regional security,” reads the official press release on this matter.

Furthermore, “World Wildlife Fund will use its $5 million Impact Award grant to adapt and implement the use of specialized sensors and wildlife tagging technology, coupled with cost-effective ranger patrolling guided by analytical software, to increase the detection and deterrence of poaching in sites in Asia and Africa.”

The grant offered by Google to the World Wildlife Fund is in fact part and parcel of this company's Global Impact Awards initiative, whose goal is that of dealing with some of the worst threats human society is presently facing.

“Global Impact Awards support organizations using technology and innovative approaches to tackle some of the world’s toughest human challenges,” Google says.

Thus, 6 other organizations are to receive similar funding, and are expected to use the money to both promote education and improve on water quality in underdeveloped regions of the world, and put an end to wildlife trafficking.

Google's total investments in such green-oriented and humanitarian projects amount to $23 million (€17.6 million).

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