Google: Ouch, I Really Need a Massage!

The Googlers praise their company

If you still think that Google is not a suitable company for you, then you should know that all the search giant's employees are even receiving a massage every time they need one. Of course, the Mountain View company has experienced therapist hired especially for massages but, as Reza Behforooz, Massage expert and Software Engineer said, it's hard to find a specialist that really deserves to work at the Googleplex.

"Getting a massage at work is a favorite perk among Googlers. As with anyone we hire, our massage therapists have to go through an interview process...but the actual interviews are a little unique. We ask the therapists to do what they do best -- give massages," the Google employee said.

As you might know, Google was named as the best company in the world to work for because it offers high salaries and several bonuses such as 20 percent of the work time for individual projects. For example, these are the benefits mentioned on Google's website: ski trip, company movie day, summer picnic, Halloween & holiday party, health fair, quarterly group offsites, credit union, sauna, roller hockey, outdoor volleyball court, discounts for products and local attractions.

Obviously, the Googleplex is an amazing place for the employees, encouraging them to design powerful solutions. However, a job at Google can be a little bit stressful, so most of the employees might need a relaxing massage to help them create the same efficient tools.

"And as Googlers, it is our duty to help with the hard task of receiving table or chair massages as part the interviews. Though we do have to write detailed feedback about the massage, just like any other interview, in this interview, all I had to do was close my eyes and relax. Who knew interviewing could be so easy!" the Google employee added.

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