Google Oman “Hacked” by Moroccan Hackers via DNS Poisoning

The same hackers have defaced Google Bosnia and Herzegovina

Z0mbi3_Ma and SQL_Master, the hackers from Morocco that defaced several Google Bosnia and Herzegovina domains last week, are back with a similar attack.

On Saturday, they defaced Google Oman ( The hackers didn’t actually breach Google’s servers, but the ones of the Oman Telecommunication Company, The Hacker News reports.

By breaching the organization’s systems, the hackers were able to modify DNS records to make sure that visitors were redirected to their defacement page.

Over the past weeks, several hacker groups have boosted their reputation by defacing high-profile websites via DNS poisoning.

It appears the domain registrars of many countries are having difficulties securing their networks. This allows cybercriminals to easily gain access to their systems and make it appear as if high-profile websites have been hacked.

Earlier this month, Google Kenya and Google Kyrgyzstan were defaced in a similar manner.

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