Google Morocco Defaced by Pakistani Hackers

PAKbugs relied on DNS poisoning to make the site appear as if it had been hacked

The website of Google Morocco ( has been defaced on Tuesday by hackers from the PAKbugs group. At the time of writing, the website was restored, but the defacement can be seen on

Although it appears that the attackers actually hacked Google Morocco, the most likely scenario is that they’ve managed to hijacked the DNS servers.

illSecure investigated the breach and found that the IP address of the Google Morocco actually pointed to the domain during the time in which the site was defaced.

Judging by the message left on the defacement page, the hackers simply wanted to show off their “skills” and to send a message to their competitors.

This is not the first time when Google and other high-profile pages are hacked in this manner. In November 2012, Algerian hackers defaced the sites of Google and Yahoo Romania.

In the same month, Turkish hackers used DNS poisoning to make it appear as if the websites of Google, Yahoo, Apple, eBay and PayPal Pakistan had been hacked.

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