Google Maps’ Send-to-Car Feature Now Available for 20 Car Brands

Enabling you to sync your car's navigation system with Maps

Google Maps can be a very handy way of plotting out a route and getting directions for your next car trip. The problem is, it’s not of much use when you’re actually in the car, unless you print out the directions or you use your laptop while driving, not the smartest thing to do. But Maps comes with a very interesting feature if you happen to own the right car.

This being the 21st century, there are better ways of bringing those directions with you as more car makers partner with Google to have Maps integrated with the existing navigation systems. Google is now announcing that it has signed up several car manufacturers to offer its Send-to-Car service in 20 different car brands and in 19 countries.

“When we started the ‘Send-To-Car’ service on Google Maps more than three years ago with BMW, only a few car makers offered connected services to their drivers. The industry has come a long way since then,” Markus Mühlbauer, Engineering and Product Manager at Google, wrote.

“As of today, drivers of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in the US enabled with Ford SYNC can now send business listings or addresses found on Google Maps directly to their cars,” he announced.

“In addition, millions of OnStar equipped GM vehicles can now make use of this innovative service. Great news if you own a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saab or Saturn!,” he added.

The Send-to-Car feature is easy to use. All you need to do is look up your destination on Google Maps and then hit the send link/button at the upper left corner of the map. In the popup window you be able to select “Send to: Car,” then select your car make and type in your unique car ID or other identifiable information. Hit send and your done.

By the time you get to your car, it should already have a route planed for the location you chose. From this point, your existing GPS navigation system takes over to provide turn-by-turn directions to your destination. It’s a neat feature that saves you the trouble of having to input the location manually, something that can be rather fiddly especially with some navigation systems.

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