Google Maps Can Be Shared Via Shortened URLs

As announced in July, Google plans to use its newly-implemented URL shortener exclusively for its websites and services, so they have recently integrated functionality within Google Maps.

Over time, Google Maps has grown to be a very popular product that is used by millions of people on a daily basis and which receives regular updates.

Most of those who access Google Maps usually want to find directions by exploring the streets, plan routes or analyze the public transportation in a certain area.

Sometimes, they might need to share this information with their friends or family, and sending the default link is quite uncomfortable due to its complicated structure and length.

According to a dedicated blog post, people will no longer need to use the full link of the map they selected, since they can choose the shorten the URL and obtain a one.

This is not done automatically, meaning that users still retain the liberty to opt whether they prefer the full or the shortened link simply by checking a box.

Since, as already mentioned, will be used only for Google products, malware cannot be spread via these links.

“We only use to send you to Google web pages, and only Google Maps can generate a URL. This means that you can visit a a shortcut with confidence, and always know you will end up on a Google Maps page.”

It will be considerably easier to share routes or maps’ links due to the shortened URL, without needing to worry that the link might get cut off or broken - so planning an event or coordinating one will become a breeze.

Improvements and new features are constantly brought to Google Maps, such as adding weather or 3D layers on top of the regular maps, and more are bound to be released, since users' interest will not fade too soon.

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