Google Maps Becomes Available in Hindi

Google is rolling out a new language option for Google Maps users

Google Maps is finally available in Hindi, after many years of waiting. This will allow more people around the world to use the service that’s become so popular in their own language.

Considering that estimates indicate that there are some 240 million Internet users in India, it seems to be quite likely that a lot of them will want to use Maps in Hindi now that it’s possible.

“Next time you’re in Jaipur and looking to find your way to the Amer Fort or the City Palace Google Maps can lend a little help. Starting today, we’re launching Google Maps in Hindi, in the hope that we can provide more useful and comprehensive maps for Hindi-speakers in India. This means that if you’re looking for a historical monument such as the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, or the famous Lodhi Gardens in Delhi, you’ll be able to see the place’s name in both Hindi and Englis,” Google said.

To enable Hindi, users need to go to their Google account settings and change the default language option. Alternatively, visiting the Google India homepage and selecting Hindi from the language shortcuts listed at the bottom of the page might be a lot easier to do for everyone.

If you’re trying to use the new language for your Android device, you can always switch to Hindi in the “Language and Input” section in the Settings area.

Once Hindi has been chosen as preferred language, users will be able to see Hindi name labels directly on the map for cities, roads, and other popular points of interest, such as schools, parks and more.

“The labels that are visible on Google Maps today were created by transliterating English names to Hindi, and ensuring the text resonates with local dialects. Yet as any native speaker knows, each language has its own nuances, so if you can think of better or more accurate Hindi place names, we encourage you to send corrections our way using the “Report a problem” link visible on the bottom right-hand side of Google Maps or via Google Map Maker,” the company encourages.

Google notes that part of providing people with a great map is making sure that the information is displayed in as many languages as possible. Indi the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, which makes the new addition that much more important and a long time coming addition to the platform.

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