Google Maps Adds More Bird's Eye Imagery in the US and Rome

Google Maps can be both fun and informative and one of the most interesting and useful things you can do with it viewing aerial, or 45 degrees imagery. This gives you a bird's eye view of an area, but also some perspective and detail not available in regular satellite imagery.

Google has now added more aerial imagery for several regions and cities, mostly in the US but also in Rome, Italy.

"Spring is in the air and it’s time to put away those jackets, dust off your shorts and get ready to see some sunshine," Wayne Thai, Geo Data Specialist at Google, wrote.

"The Geo Imagery team has been hard at work in our snow covered buildings in Mountain View to get the latest set of imagery ready for everyone to enjoy," he said.

"When you think of sunshine, the first place that comes to mind for a lot people is Honolulu HI of course! With 45° in hand, scope out the ocean views from beachside hotels. You can check out Diamondhead, the coastline or the golf courses to reminisce on the vacation you’ve always wanted," he added.

Aerial imagery has been added in St Louis, Honolulu, New Orleans, North Austin, West Norfolk, Scottsdale, San Rafael, Palm Springs, Lake Forest, Boulder City in the US and Rome, Italy.

If you live in any of those places it's going to be fun seeing the places you know, or even your own house, from above. If you're planning a visit, you can check them out ahead of time.

The only more 'exotic' place on the list is Rome, Italy, unless you're from Rome or Italy, of course. You can check out some of the historic locations, obvious ones like the Colosseum spring to mind, but you can also fly above the secretive Vatican City and plenty of other places.

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