Google Lets You Try Out the New Glass Frames in Your Own Home

If you wanted Glass with prescription lenses, you may get invited to try out the frames

Google is trying to make everyone feel good about Glass and it is going to extreme lengths to make sure that everything is perfect for everyone.

The company is picking out people who have expressed an interest in trying out Glass, and more specifically those who want to use the frames that were introduced a few months back to work with prescription lenses, 9to5Google reports.

Quite a few people have received a message from the company, inviting them to test out a few options in the comfort of their own homes.

“You told us you’re interested in purchasing Glass, but wanted to wait until we had frames for Glass. We have some good news for you,” the email starts.

It then goes on telling people that the Titanium Collection is finally here and it includes four feather-light titanium frames that are designed to fit with prescription lenses. That being said, people are being invited to participate in the new “home try-on pilot.”

This should help people find the frame style and Glass color that fits them best. After contacting the company and getting everything in line, they’ll send users a home try-on kit that contains all frame styles and four colors of Glass, completely free of charge.

After the selection is done, people are asked to send back the kits by using the prepaid labels.

At the same time, a $50 (€36) hold will be placed on the credit cards of all participants as a security measure. The money will be returned when the kits reach Google.

The try-on kits contain the four frames, as well as the four colors for Glass – white, red, blue and black.

This seems to be a really good idea, since most people who need prescription glasses don’t agree to purchasing frames on the Internet because there are so many details that could ruin the experience – the way they fit, the way they sit on the nose and how they blend in with the user’s personal style.

The same is the case for Google Glass. On top of the fact that the device costs $1,500 (€1,085), the frames add a few hundred bucks to the charge. When you’re paying so much money, you certainly want to make sure that the purchase is the correct one and that you won’t regret the decision later on.

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